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#1 PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership III EyeShadow Palette

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  • 10 cult-classic shades
  • vivid violets
  • mutational blues
  • sumptuous greens
  • signature matte
  • pure vibrant colour saturation
  • diamond sparkle intensity
  • shades(clockwise from top left) : Skinshow Fever
                                                                             Night Creature
                                                                             Deep Shade
                                                                             VR Pink
                                                                            Astral Ghost Orchid
                                                                            Blitz Amethyst
                                                                            Black Metal
                                                                             Xtreme Black


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  • Size: 98.9 X 0.84 X 4.9 in
  • Collection Includes – 6 Powderluxe Pressed Eye Shadows
                                               (matte,pearl, and sparkle finishes)
                                                  -4 modern, hybrid pigmented formulas
                                                  (metallic, satin sheen, iridescence, and holographic brilliance finishes)
  • Creamy, soft textures that ignite metallic pigments, amplify colour
  • Extreme blendability and adherence without creasing
  • Polished and bright multi-dimensional finish
  • Emollient-like texture and glide
  • One-stroke, velvety matte intensity



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To achieve three different looks, follow these instructions:
Danse Macabre Look
Metallic Pinky Bronze Eye with Glowing Gold Inner Corner
  1. Using the Blending Brush, apply a Wash of Lazarus across eyelids, use your fingertip to build the color to the desired intensity.
  2. Sweep Deep Shade through the crease blending outward  while wrapping the color around and into the lower lash line.
  3. Darken the dimension with Extreme Black blended into outer contour of the crease.
  4. Smudge and blend Night Creature between the upper and lower lash line to accentuate the eye shade.
  5. Transform the lid color by pressing Astral Ghost Orchid with your fingertip until reaching desired effect.
  6. 6.Finish by illuminating the inner corner and brow bone with Skinshow Fever.
Eye Envy Look
Opulent Blackened Purple Sparkling Smokey Eye
  1. Apply Blitz Amethyst to the entire eyelid, press the pigment with your finger to build up intensity
  2. Sweep Deep Shade with a blending brush through the crease of the eyelid, outer corner, and near the lower lash line, blending out to accentuate eye shape.
  3. Increase dimension by blending Xtreme Black within the outer contour of the crease, softly diffusing the pigment for an elongated effect
  4. Transform lid color by pressing Black Metal with your fingertip until reaching desired sparkling intensity.
  5. Dab Skinshow Fever to the inner corner with a dampened brush to achieve an exhilarating eye opening effect.
Obsessive Decadence Look
Multi-Dimensional Golden Green Eye with Smokey Magenta
  1. Apply Gigabyte to build the base blending outwards and upwards to the brow bone.
  2. Add Lazarus to create subtle depth in the crease of the eyelid.
  3. Generously blend Night Creature with the lower lash line for an opulent definition.
  4. Illuminate inner corners with Virtual Reality Pink.
  5. Finish by sweeping Skinshow Fever with the blending brush onto the brow bone for added illumination.

Palette Shades:



Skinshow Fever

Radiantly brighten and glow with gold pearl luminosity

Night Creature

Envelop the lid with intense multi-dimensional crystalline purple-red

Deep Shade

Sweep this rich brown through the crease to define. Use a damped angle for precise lining


Emphasize lids, inner corners, and Cupid’s bow with a glittering golden green

Virtual Reality Pink

Dramatically drench lids in this dual chromatic,vivid pink colour

Xtreme Black

Create dense black lids or simply cut the crease with one sweep. For seamless lining, use with a dampened brush


Luxuriate the lids with a lavishly creamy, deep chocolate brown shine

Black Metal

Enhance lids in flashes of crystalline blackened pearl

Blitz Amethyst

An edgy and vibrant flash of blue colour used to transfix and embellish the eyes

Astral Ghost Orchid

Pat over desired shade with the fingertip for colour-morphing, sultry shine


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