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Such a hard concept to grasp, surrounded by so many questions.
Let’s try to find some answers together.
Since Beauty (exterior beauty that is)  covers so many aspects,
we decided to choose 3 products:
one in the makeup category,
one in the tanning category,
and one in the skin department.
You may be like me, not using too many products,
or like some of my friends that seem to never get tired of trying
new face creams…sometimes for hours the night before their wedding,
or you may just want to try a product that everyone is talking about
and is also pretty darn affordable.
Whichever category you land in,we’ve got you covered.
Since I don’t use that many products,
I will not be talking about any products that I personally use.
I will, however, get the Mario Badescu Facial Spray in the near future
which I will review in a video for your consideration.
For now let’s get straight to talking about our
3 products that we chose for you.




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*This is a list of the three top choices we made based upon other reviews. We did not test these products personally, and reviews never placed them at the same exact spot in the best beauty category.


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