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Let’s talk about guitars a little, shall we?

One of my favorite instruments that I always wanted to master.

As many of you, I started one day, then I quit.

Then I remembered I really want to play guitar so I started practicig again,

then again… I quit.

No, you are not a quitter, and neither am I,

and I promise that one day,

we will know how to play this instrument…if we really want to.

Yes, i’m gonna play the “practice makes perfect” card.

Sorry, but it applies with this instrument also.

I’ve felt it on myself, i’ve seen it on others.

And as with everything else in life,

it helps if you have a natural calling towards it.

For the rest of us…





       All right, as you should be accustomed by now,
I will talk about the item that I own.
After, I will talk a bit about three other items
that Find2Fit has established are the best fit for a top 3 exclusively for you.
So let’s begin with my Huntington guitar:


HUNTINGTON GA41PS-TS Steel String Acoustic GuitarBuy it on Amazon for $81.25


So the way I looked at it when I bought this was:

I needed an instrument suited for a beginner.
This was actually the cheapest one I could find at the time
I wanted nylon strings, so that my fingers would not hurt so much at first
I did study Classical guitar for a year, but that happened 10 years ago.
Now I wanted to learn Acoustic guitar.
Then , if you can, make things a bit easier for yourself
(example: steel strings vs. nylon strings)
Don’t spend too much on too many accessories at first
(example:there are free apps for tuners)
Eventually, you will need good,reliable accessories.
But first concentrate on learning to play,
rather than accessorize your guitar too much





Huntington GA41PS-TS Specifications:

Adjustable truss rod

Hand built using selected Catalpa,Basswood & Linden Wood

Full 25.5 scale

Low ratio tuning gears

Resin nut and saddle

Abs pickguard

Inlayed fret dots

Brass alloy medium frets

Perfect for beginners/intermediate players




For Your Consideration Here is A List of All the Chords you need to Know as a Beginner:

P.S. In case you want us to post all chords,
please leave a message in the comment section below.
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*This is a list of the three top choices we made based upon other reviews. We did not test these products personally, and reviews never placed them at the same exact spot in the best guitars for beginners category.


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